Kickstarting Atheist Baby Shoes

David from Berlin's Atheist Shoe Company sends us, "a Kickstarter for Atheist Baby Shoes - super snuggly handmade shoes, the soles of which are screenprinted with homages to the only higher powers babies know... Our slightly peculiar video explains all - highlights are the 'Atheist Baby Experiment' at the 1:40 mark and the 'Booby' power-ballad at 5:37."

We're pretty sure all babies are born atheists and, rather than commit them to some religion before they're old enough to have a say (let alone control their pooping functions) we'd rather celebrate their undoubted belief in Mummy, Daddy and breasts.

The shoes are basically a mini version of our grown-up Atheist Shoes, handmade with a lot of love in Berlin.

We'll alo have them for same sex couples... with "I believe in Daddy & Daddy" and "I believe in Mummy & Mummy" sole pairings. And we'll have a vegan-friendly version.

These are the folks who determined that sealing their boxes with ATHEIST tape made them mysteriously disappear from the USPS before delivery.

Atheist Baby Shoes (Thanks, David!)

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