A visit to a 7th century Japanese hot spring

Danny Choo visited the Ikaho Hot Springs in Japan and took lots of photos (as he always does whenever he posts something to his entertaining website). As I scrolled through the photos, I was worried that Danny forgot to bring his dolls with him, but I was relieved to see that he didn't.

Founded in the 7th century, Ikaho Onsen [伊香保温泉] (Ikaho Hot Springs) is one of Japan's most popular hot spring resort areas located in the Gunma Prefecture [群馬県].

The hot springs are concentrated around Ishidan [石段] - a 365 flight of stone steps which are also lined with traditional inns and shops.

Wifey and I managed to spend a day at Ikaho filming for a wee bit - today we take a look at the hot spring area and the traditional inn that we stayed at.

Places to visit in Japan: Ikaho Onsen

Notable Replies

  1. I lolled when I saw his car. I'd say the guy has no shame if it wasn't for his bashfulness about swinging his todger.

  2. Car? Waaaaait a minute... that's not the 7th century!

  3. I figured that out by the third photo. I'm pretty sure they only had black-and-white film back then.

  4. with all those shops and places to eat, it's surprising that anybody reaches the springs.
    Just don't make a pig of yourself on the way up.

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