EOD 9 Suit Olive Drab (helmet not included)

For a mere $27,811.00 the EOD 9 can be yours.

The EOD 9 bomb suit and helmet ensemble has been designed with direct input from bomb disposal technicians to provide the highest degree of modular protection and operational flexibility for EOD and CBRN missions. The Med-Eng EOD 9 platform can be configured in the field by EOD or IEDD technicians based on the suspected presence of a CBRN agent in an IED.

At least 14 types of testing have been performed to validate the performance of the EOD 9, including extensive live-blast testing.

The Med-Eng EOD 9 bomb suit includes a Jacket, Integrated Groin Protector, Trousers and Boot Covers for integrated blast protection against IEDs and bombs. The system is stored in a rugged bag for storage in bomb squad response vehicles.

The helmet is only an additional $15,000. How much for some gloves?

Notable Replies

  1. This is the bomb disposal suit.

    The one with gloves is the bomb observation suit. For when you just want to stand next to a bomb, but not really do anything about it.

  2. No need for fingers... Siri, red or green?

  3. It could make for a pretty awkward open-casket funeral if the only thing to survive a blast was your 'nads.

  4. I really could have used one of these during my divorce.

  5. Now that you mention it, those bomb disposal outfits from The Hurt Locker did seem rather uninspired. Where's the flair?

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