Fiber Fix: repair tape with embedded super-strong, fast-curing resin

Fiber Fix is a repair-tape impregnated with fast-curing, moisture-activated resin; the manufacturer claims it hardens to a strength 100 times that of duct-tape, comparable to steel. Baseline room-humidity is generally enough to activate it once it's removed from its airtight pouch, but you can also soak it before applying. It cures to usability in 10 minutes, and fully sets in 24 hours. It's $20 for three rolls in varying widths -- though be careful, as it's reportedly a real pain to get off your hands.

Fiber Fix [Amazon]

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  1. but how do I get them to hold still for 2-5 minutes?

  2. Jello is "comparable" to steel.
    Perhaps "similar to" would work better here.

  3. How much Fiber Fix would I need to equal one bowl of Super Colon Blow?

  4. Salgak says:

    For truly "amazing" tape, I remember something from my Air Force days: "F-4" Tape, Orange, slightly stretchy, stretch while applying and it sticks to itself. Peel off the liner and it just works. We used it as temporary window seal on a B-52: all I can say, is two layers and two hours later, it was holding pressure at 42,000 feet. . .

    Apparently it's available commercially, F4Tape

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