London Underground Simulator reviewed

World of Subways is a real video game, offering you the chance to experience the world's major subway systems from a driver's seat perspective. One of the recent editions, World of Subways 3: London Underground Simulator, focuses on the British capital's famous Circle Line, including the newly opened in December 2009 extension to Hammersmith. At The Kernel, Ned Donovan reviewed the expansion pack and conferred upon it the rating "bleak."

As the train began to brake, one of the beautifully modelled characters walked onto the tracks, vanishing into the front of my train. Rather than wait for the bureaucracy involved in a “passenger action”, I decided it best the train continue without mentioning it.The game itself is incredibly pretty. It uses an engine that would not be out of place in more mainstream games, and the lighting effects lead to the paranoia that at any moment a zombie could appear as you travel through the tunnels. But the fact is that, most of the time, driving consists of either being stopped, or being in the process of stopping.

For most people, he concludes, "this will not count as fun."