Silly String ban in Los Angeles

20131030-224650.jpgI took this photo on Hollywood Blvd yesterday. Silly String is serious business around here.

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  1. kmoser says:

    Love the "greengrocers' apostrophes".

  2. JonS says:

    yeah ... does that mean it's ot really illegal, and there isn't really a $1,000 fine?

  3. Glitch says:

    I'm not entirely certain whether kmoser is making a simple and honest mistake, or is being purposefully humorous and facetious. Oh well, I'll clarify anyway for those who might be confused.

    The phrase "greengrocer's apostrophes" refers to when an apostrophe ( ' ) is used incorrectly on a plural formation. For example, a greengrocer might have a sign which erroneously reads "Fresh pear's 50% off!".

    The appropriate term to apply to the construction present on this Silly String sign is "scare quotes", which refers to when quotation marks ( " ) are placed around a word or phrase to signify that the wording being used may not be exactly accurate or apt, akin to if one appended the term "so-called" to the phrase in question.

    Again, merely explaining for clarity. If I ruined any perfectly good joke's, I would like to "apologize". wink

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