Bani Garu: Savage Girl

Bani Garu is Lea Hernandez's story of becoming the U.S. merchandising vice-president of notorious Japanese animation studio Gainax, "a year-long trip down a rabbit hole of reality." Start with page 1.

Ganbatte=GUTS! (Thanks to Adam Warren and Doug Hills with technical assists.)


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  1. IMB says:

    This entire thing was lost on me. I don't get it.

  2. Click on the tag link - you see there's a previous comic to this one, it at least makes this one make sense. At first I thought @Nonentity was just pointing out the introduction, which although explains the origin of this comic, still leaves one a little flummoxed.

    Of course if you're not interested I can't help with that smile After reading them in order though it does seem to be a compelling story, told in an interesting way, there's at least a beginning to the middle, if nothing else.

  3. A quick search in Google Groups found a post by Lea Hernandez in rec.arts.manga from november 1997 which I presume is actually yours and you just forgot about it.

    I quote the relevant part:

    The costume wasn't the DaiCon girl's Playboy-inspired red bodysuit and ears, it was and abbreviated tux with coarse fishnet stockings, a sleeveless shirt that gapped impressively at the armholes, and satin bunny ears on a tight headband.
    Putting it on in the Gainax office, then having to exit Okada-san's office and show the staff how it looked was one of the most excrutiating experiences of my life. I wasn't more acutely embarrassed until I had a baby.
    Taking a deep breath like the girl in the itsy-bitsy teeny weeny etc., bikini, I stepped out of Okada's office after giving some serious thought to taking the whole thing off and saying it didn't fit, even a fleeting moment of considering walking out naked to prove it.

  4. Aha! Thanks for finding that! That is indeed me. Note that I never said I found the costume "degrading." And as for walking out naked, that was a joke.

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