Video: NYPD try to stop skateboard race down Broadway

Despite a court order banning it in 2012, this year's Broadway Bomb skateboard street-race down Manhattan's iconic boulevard still attracted a huge number of participants. This video -- Yakety Sax and all -- shows some of NYC's finest doing...something...with the traffic and the skateboarders and whatnot, with a large amount of comical bumbling and not much else.

Broadway Bomb - Benny Hill Style - 2013 (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)

Notable Replies

  1. So is it just me, or is the only thing NOT disrupted by the police fence the skateboard race?

  2. Disappointed nobody just straight ollied over the orange fence.

  3. What's worse is there's a similar thing planned for this weekend and it's going to be even bigger - about 45,000 hooligans are coming to NYC from all over just to flout traffic laws and shut major roads down. Vehicular and even pedestrian traffic will be totally disrupted and there's really not even a point to it - the only reason these kids want to do it seems to be that they like being in a pack going down the middle of the street, and running red lights. If they were really in it just for the sport, they'd just use a track to run their 26.2 miles.

  4. Thank you for sharing your views and giving us reasonable suspicion to believe you might be a criminal, we will work on finding you.

  5. (Speaking only for myself) I can't claim to have carefully modeled the likelihoods of what injuries occurring from this event, but I support the spirit of this because -- speaking bluntly -- the notion of a nanny police state telling everyone that things are dangerous has become a runaway train. I love the resilience of the human spirit that I see the participants of this race showing. They're not hooligans, they're not fire-bombing things, they just want to have some fun for half an hour on their skateboards. I love that they didn't let big brother stop them.

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