Boing Boing reader Jon Siegel in Singapore shares this photograph in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool: "Was in a rush to the train station when I noticed this little guy on my way down Ann Siang Hill calling out to me. Stopped for a moment to say hi and kept on moving. Always got time for kitteh. Nyan!"

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  1. this little guy

    Tortoiseshell (and calico) cats are almost always female.

  2. Franko says:

    those EYES... gorgeous.

  3. Ear tip means she is probably a fixed and returned feral. Sign that someone in the neighborhood is taking care of business. Looks well fed also. Happy Saturday.

  4. 0rac1e says:

    Tortoiseshell (and calico) cats are almost always female.

    This... Cats are a white blank canvas, and then the colour gene is on the X chromosome. So cats that have 2 colours (not including white) are almost always female (unless the cat has some rare genetic voodoo going on.)

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