The Collected Progressive Apparatus: stories of Hugh Spencer

Hugh Spencer sez, "The stories they didn't want back in print are still not in print -- but you can read them anyway! My tales of living software, psychological censorship, trans-human dating and childcare responsibilities are available via download in The Collected Progressive Apparatus."

One night you wake up and discover that a sentient computer programme is standing next to your bed checking your subconscious for subversive story ideas. Twenty years later you're at the loudest, stickiest rave of the season watching your date get absorbed into a massive whirlpool of genetic mistakes. Add on another decade or two and you're struggling to survive attacks of urban retro-humans while trying to balance your caregiving duties at an art colony of genius children.

These are the sorts of things that happen in the connected stories: "The Progressive Apparatus" "...and the Retrograde Mentor" "...Experience Denial then Acceptance." written by me, twice Aurora Award nominated author Hugh A.D. Spencer. The first two stories were originally published in On Spec magazine and they are now published together in The Collected Progressive Apparatus with a new end piece to commemorate this e-edition all downloadable on Kobo and Kindle.

The Collected Progressive Apparatus