Asphalt Snowboarding

Matthew says: "Liam Morgan uses snowboarding techniques while skateboarding down some of the long, steep, twisting roads in the coastal canyons of Los Angeles." Videos: 1 | 2 | 3

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  1. I hate to say snobbish but there are LOT better people who do this, anything hell on the BONES brigade video from the 80's they do the "DownHill Slide" and its pretty much the same thing, except they use bananaboards and actually get down to the asphalt and use their gloves as if snowboards, and this was before there really WAS snowboarding..
    soory old school boarder here

  2. in fact here is a youtube link for that slide,

  3. Man, it's just a dude on a board having fun. Not everything has to be groundbreaking.

  4. Glitch says:

    I've been told this is quite fun, but I'll stick to powder so that when I eventually fall, I get a facefull of snow instead of asphalt. wink

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