'Paid In Full,' Eric B. & Rakim

1987. Video Link, Amazon Link. [dedicated to Jason Weisberger]

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  1. Has been, and always will be, one of my favourites from the golden age of hip-hop.

  2. This is the Seven Minutes Of Madness Coldcut Remix, and Coldcut's breakout hit. Coldcut are pretty fly.

  3. Rakim's style has aged a lot better than most of the "classic" hip-hop I grew up with. I can basically only stomach Eric B & Rakim, and Public Enemy for what still keeps up with the musicality and quality in modern produced hip-hop.

  4. it really is the definitive version, even if Eric B and Rakim hated it (or so i've read.)

    Very much in agreement. I'm actually watching the end of Hoodlum on tv right now, so it's especially on my mind, but Rakim not only defined the next generation of rappers, he actually kept up with the best of them. Here's his verse from a cut with him, Big Noyd, and Mobb Deep for the Hoodlum soundtrack

  5. I think they are both excellent. The original holds to that stripped-down style that Eric B and Rakim are so known for.

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