Running a stop sign results in multiple police-ordered anal probes


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  1. doctorninja

    I'm an ER doctor working in a relatively small town in New Mexico, and I can attest that the police try this far more often than most people know about. The police recently brought us a patient from jail who they suspected of having crammed some drugs into her vagina and they came to us and ordered us to do a pelvic exam to find the drugs. The patient did not want a pelvic exam and she had no abdominal pain or anything wrong with her. We politely informed the police that what they were trying to order us to do was called "Sexual assault" and it was both immoral and highly illegal for them to ask us to do it. There is a procedure in place in the jail system for inmates to have a body cavity search, but the police where I work want to try and get it done without the proper paperwork needed so they wouldn't have to go to a judge and prove any probable cause. The police got angry with us, but we rightfully refused their order. On the way out, one police officer was overheard by one of our nurses to say something along the lines of "We'll remember this next time they call us for help with a violent drunk with a knife." At which point, the nurse called the police department, where she had a relative on the force, and reported him. Later on, the hospital lawyers got involved and they fully backed us up in the ER.

    Police officers bringing in people and ordering the doctors to perform certain tests happens very frequently, and they are always angry when we refuse to perform any test that is not medically indicated. I once had a group of 4 police officers bring me a 5 year old child who threw a fit in school, and insisted that he was a dangerous person an demanded that I do a drug test on him. I instead, gave the child a box lunch and told the police to bring him back to school and have the teacher handle his temper tantrums rather than dragging the kid off in restraints.

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