Rob Ford apparently hired a hacker to nuke the crack-smoking video

As the story of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford continues to unravel, everyone's pulling out their dirt on old Mayor Laughable Bumblefuck. Vice has a detailed email chain between Ford's communications director and a hacker for hire who was allegedly hired to delete the video of Hizzoner smoking crack and making racist and homophobic remarks from a cloud storage provider that may have belonged to a local gang, who were allegedly blackmailing him.

Notable Replies

  1. I just hope the gods of irony end this with Bill Blair arresting Ford personally.

  2. samsa says:

    Your sentence kinda says that the local gang owned its own cloud storage provider, which I will decide to believe, because it's awesome.

  3. IRMO says:

    Ever since the unions collapsed, organized crime has had to branch out elsewhere, and cloud storage was a logical step.

  4. Ain't nobody wants to watch that though. Nobody.

  5. toyg says:

    I'm not terribly familiar with Canadian politics, but I got a whiff that he's the sort of character popular amongst sectors of the electorate who don't like (or even read) newspapers and mass media in general.

    Remember: you elected a President who was a self-confessed cocaine and alcohol addict… and you did it twice. The Italian political agenda is still set by a tax fraudster who had sex with underage prostitutes and had mafia links. One Washington mayor was re-elected after being filmed smoking crack.

    The electorate, any electorate, can be a funny bunch.

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