Outside Online on the VW Westfalia

Katie Arnold at Outside offers a lovely and personal view of the Volkswagen camper. "Some had cheerful curtains, others propane stoves and fold-out tables and all-wheel-drive, but they all embodied a sense of wanderlust and freedom. The chronology's a little fuzzy—this was, after all, the counterculture's most celebrated fetish item—but the universal appeal of a VW camper van, by any name, is obvious. It's a compact way to bring the basic comforts of home on the road with you. It's the ultimate family adventure vehicle." I love mine.

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  1. I've always been a fan of VW, even though every single one of the cars I've owned broke at the most inconvenient times and were expensive to fix.

    Last fall we took our first roadtrip in a Eurovan that we rented from a great company in the Northwest. We've gone on a bunch of impressive vacations all over South America and Europe, but the two weeks we spent together in that van were among the most memorable and enjoyable times we've ever had. There is just something about the experience that you can't get with a larger RV or even just camping in a tent from your car. Now we are considering getting our own van like a used Eurovan or maybe a Sportsmobile.

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