Tweeting Grandpa's diaries of trapping in the Northwest Territories in 1929

"@TrapperBud: They rode a barge, like this one from 1925 (L-R: Matt Murphy, Jim Cooley, Frank Buckley, Malcolm and Allan Stewart."

Derryl Murphy writes, "Several years after my grandfather, Bud Murphy, passed away, I'm going through boxes of stuff I was given after his funeral and found some - not all, sadly - of his old diaries from when he trapped in the Northwest Territories from 1929 (when he was 18) and on with his father. I'm tweeting his diary entries in chronological order and accompanying those with photos he took from back then, as well as notes about where he was. I'm not reading ahead, and hope the entries about murder, suicide, and mayhem that I turned into the ghost story "Northwest Passage" (first appeared in Realms of Fantasy, and then in my Sunburst Award-nominated collection Over the Darkened Landscape) will appear. Follow his adventures on Twitter @TrapperBud!