Dazzle-paint in public square in Alicante causes dizziness, triggers seizures

The ground in a Plaza de Pio XII, a square in Alicante, Spain has been decorated with a dazzle-paint-like pattern of high contrast wiggly white lines. It has caused seizures in some people with photosensitive epilepsy (20,000 people with epilepsy live in the region) and some elderly people have complained of dizziness while traversing the square. The square is centrally located, and some of its detractors argue that they have to cross it several times a day just to get around town. Here's some of the Google Translate text from the Diario Informacion piece by Alberola Pine:

Perez lives very close to the Plaza de Pio XII "and necessarily go through there every day, which to me is going to cause a problem." This mother does not understand "how the City does not take into account such considerations when designing public spaces." Apart from the problem that the decoration of the square of Pius XII may pose for people with epilepsy, the neighbors are not happier with the outcome of remodeling. "It's a little square bright stripes make you dizzy when you walking "Angel Guerrero noted yesterday, while walking with his wife in this space

In the same terms were expressed Leonardo Plaza and John Smith. "Someone would have to explain what they mean so many marks on the ground, it makes no sense. We liked much what was there before. Also, drop us scares us. "

Manoli, one shopkeeper, criticizing that "there have been games for children, no benches and green spaces absent, when it is assumed that in the city want to encourage this type of space '.

La plaza de Pío XII en Alicante, un problema para los epilépticos [Alberola Pine/Diario Informacion]

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