Jewelry from destroyed guns and bullets


Liberty United turn guns and bullet shells into handsome rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry. The source gun's serial number is stamped into each piece. Profits go to reduce gun violence and destroy illegal guns through programs in partner communities.

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  1. Because the only thing that stops a bad guy with an ugly ring, bracelet or necklace is a good guy with a handsome ring, bracelet or necklace.

  2. JonS says:

    As is usually the case, the comments make the baby jebus cry.

    Edit to add: that scheme is fux0ringly moronic. They may as well not bother with the buy-backs and confiscations, since the weapons are going straight back where they came from. At best this seems like (yet another) way to funnel taxpayer money into lobbyist's pockets:
    Step 1) licensed gun dealers sell firearms at a profit
    Step 2) Police confiscate firearms from owners, or buy them using monies raised via tax
    Step 3a) Police "donate" any firearms they buy/confiscate back to licensed gun dealers
    Step 3b) Police sell any firearms they buy/confiscate back to licensed gun dealers
    Step 4) GOTO Step1)

    The underpants gnomes couldn't have come up with a better scheme! Any bets on who the strongest supporters of this absurd piece of legislation were?

  3. The people who destroy World War II relics to make a sloppy anti-gun political message are the absolute scum of the earth. They deserve to have their fingers pulled off with pliers.

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