The best way to pee into a urinal — as explained by physics

Good news, everyone*! If you're tired of being splashed (or splashing others) with your own urine, the Brigham Young University Splash Lab has done the research and produced a series of helpful tips that will enable you to potty without the spotty. Research at the Splash Lab is heavily based on imaging and this video will show you how easy it is to reduce splash-back with simple changes like peeing against a vertical, rather than horizontal, surface.

And by "everyone", I mean "people who pee into urinals".

Notable Replies

  1. I can't say I haven't already given this considerable thought and experimentation.

  2. Any data on how to prevent pee from trickling down my pants after I've holstered my weapon? Is there a name for that? I swear sometimes no matter how long I stand there after my bladder empties soon as I put it in my pants another tablespoon or two comes pouring out. %&@$%! I've heard relaxing the anal sphincter helps but I've had mixed results with that method. Perhaps I need to further relax my sphincter?

  3. Typical sexist mysogyny. This in no way relates to women. You're contributing to rape culture.

  4. The Brigham Young University spokeman hastily added that researchers are not endorsing the idea of men touching themselves even for utilitarian reasons, and that sterilized surgical tongs should be used whenever possible.

  5. There's something very important that they forgot to tell you.

    Don't cross the streams.

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