Rob Ford: $170K/year, 11-3 working day

According to the Ontario government's "sunshine list", Rob Ford earns about $170,000 to serve as mayor of Toronto. According to his staffers, he often shows up for work at 11 and leaves at 3. That's the man who came into office promising to "end the gravy train," folks.

One thing to remember during this whole Toronto mayoral kerfuffle

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  1. Hey, can't have talent that valuable leaving for the private sector, now can we?

  2. When I hear about someone's "working day" like this I usually consider it the way I do the assumption that teachers only work nine months out of the year, or that they only work when the students are at school. That is I assume people in the public sector may have short "working hours", but the actual amount of time they spend working is far beyond those hours, unless I have evidence to the contrary.

    In Ford's case there's ample evidence to the contrary.

  3. The median FAMILY income in Canada is 76,000$. The fact that someone can "work" 4 hour days, drunk, smoke a little crack when off work, and make 170k+ off the taxpayers is pretty damn ridiculous.

  4. I used to work 11-3 every day. I was fiddling my time-sheets, obviously, but it was fucking brilliant.

  5. FWIW, I wouldn't give a tinker's damn about either his work hours or his recreational intake, IF he actually got his job done. You shouldn't, either (care).

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