Soviet particle accelerator control panel, 1968

Back in 2009, Dark Roasted Blend rounded up a truly wonderful gallery of ancient, hulking computers, called The Cutting Edge of Retro Tech . Given that retro-tech only gets finer with age, it's fitting to link to it now, especially given this magnificent beast, identified as the 1968 Control Center of the JINR's (Joint Institute of Nuclear Research) synchrophasotron in Dubna, Russia. Hotcha, that is some sweet-ass control panel design

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  1. The last line in the writeup reminded me of this comic.

  2. xzzy says:

    Man, none of the control rooms at Fermilab got a chandelier. The commies were right!

  3. One of the engine labs in college had a control room wall of rackmounts with somewhat more modern instruments... but it was still a glorious mess of meters and switches.

    These days, I'm sure it all goes into the computer and comes out on the screen. More compact, more efficient, more powerful for analysis, but somehow not as satisfying.

    Which of course is part of the impetus behind the steampunk style. We like to be able to see and handle our technology...

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