Your week's listening: Boing Boing's latest podcast episodes

Look at all the wonderful Boing Boing podcasts we have lined up for you to listen to, free of charge!

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE 026: We sit down with Paul Pope, the Battling Boy cartoonist at one of his favorite New York City haunts to discuss just mythology, filmmaking, giant robots and superhero archetypes.

APPS FOR KIDS 050: We reviewed Dungelot, a game that's a mix of Sword of Fargoal, Dungeon Raid, Minesweeper, and an advent calendar.

GWEEK 120: We talked to HATE cartoonist Peter Bagge about his latest book, a graphic novel biography of the reproductive rights activist Margaret Sanger, called Woman Rebel.

THE NEW DISRUPTORS 048: Boing Boing's own Dean Putney has made some of your favorite things on the Internet. His latest: a book of photographs his great-grandfather took before World War I, and in the trenches as a German soldier.

YOU ARE NOT SO SMART 011 Is your state of mind from one situation to the next drastically altered by the state in which you live? According to cultural psychologists, yes it is.

TELL ME SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW 017 Cartoonist Farel Dalrymple work includes Pop Gun War, illustrating Jonathan Letham's Omega the Unknown, the webcomic It Will All Hurt , and the newly released Delusional.

INCREDIBLY INTERESTING AUTHORS 001: Dilbert creator Scott Adams is not only a world-famous cartoonist, he's also a world-class failure.

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