Kleargear.com bills woman $3500 for posting a negative review

Matthew says: "A woman paid for items from kleargear.com but never received them, so she wrote a bad review of the site on ripoffreport.com. Three years later she received a $3500 bill from Kleargear, stating that she'd violated the 'non-disparagement clause' to which she agreed when she paid for the items."

Non-Disparagement Clause

In an effort to ensure fair and honest public feedback, and to prevent the publishing of libelous content in any form, your acceptance of this sales contract prohibits you from taking any action that negatively impacts KlearGear.com, its reputation, products, services, management or employees.

Should you violate this clause, as determined by KlearGear.com in its sole discretion, you will be provided a seventy-two (72) hour opportunity to retract the content in question. If the content remains, in whole or in part, you will immediately be billed $3,500.00 USD for legal fees and court costs until such complete costs are determined in litigation. Should these charges remain unpaid for 30 calendar days from the billing date, your unpaid invoice will be forwarded to our third party collection firm and will be reported to consumer credit reporting agencies until paid.

Fined For Posting A Negative Review Online

Notable Replies

  1. Old says:

    Kleargear.com? In my opinion their website smells like sour milk and old Chuck Taylors.

  2. Just when you think corporate asshats can't get any asshattier, they lower the bar of asshattery even lower. Asshats! I fucking hate them and their anal headgear.

  3. Wow. This sounds like a setup for a particularly unbelievable episode of Leverage.

    Can kleargear.com sue me for writing, here, that they should be put out of business?

  4. Not that I agree that this is legitimate in any way but if it was, wouldn't their failure to deliver on the sale and the eventual cancellation of the charge null the agreement which was based there being a sale?

  5. She actually tried to comply with Kleargear's order to remove the posting, but RipOff Report (apt name) would only do so if she paid them $2000...

    Edit -- this is a bit misrepresented in TFA:
    RipOff Report's policy is to never remove a posting, however, they do have an arbitration process to certify the facts of the posting:
    Companies can also pay $2,000 to have a third-party arbitrator establish statements of fact in postings. Ripoff Report will redact any wrong facts but leave in everything else such as critical opinions.

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