Rob Ford, the opera

Chris from the CBC sez, "CBC Radio's Day 6 enlisted Topher Mokrzewski of the Canadian Opera Company to write and arrange an operatic aria sung from the perspective of Mayor Rob Ford, adapted from Bizet's Carmen. Comes with a video gallery of great Ford photos."

Yes it's me, I'm still the Ford you knew, still just the same old chap who'd not smoke crack with you.
Hail from Etobicoke, not in that video.
I still yearn to coach the kids at Don Bosco.

Pillar of that quiet society, the vast majority who'd see on bended knee,
Those lazy, soft elites, who rule on Bay Street, they who all believe the media conspiracy!

Wait! You've heard Chief Bill Blair, it's absurd, it's just that paper's way to make a fool of me.
They detest the stand I take for you.
I'm the man you chose to see things through.
Ah no, they can't, they won't remove me from here.

Listen: The Rob Ford Opera (Thanks, Chris!)

Notable Replies

  1. I feel like there should be a reference to a spear and magic helmet.

  2. One song is about all he deserves. Rob Ford is no Bat Boy.

  3. Best. Bugs Bunny. EVER.

  4. mis-for-tune, noun.
    - Bad luck
    - An unlucky condition or event

    Boy, this guy's had a shit-ton of bad luck, then, hasn't he, including a 1999 arrest in Miami for DUI and pot possession; allegations of bad behavior while wasted. too numerous to count; a video showing him smoking crack cocaine; a video showing him yelling about needing "fucking 10 minutes to make sure he's dead" (whoever "he" is, or was); allegations of grabbing Sarah Thompson's ass; the 2010 conflict of interest trial, and so on. All events that he brought on himself.

    Yet he's still got his 6-figure job of mayor of Toronto. Seems like he's a member of a wealthy and politically powerful family, no matter whether he loses his job.

    Here's to Rob Ford's "misfortunes." Guy's a fucking thug.

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