Belgian 90s techno made modern at 115bpm

Remember early-nineties Belgian techno of the sort that (Mike Shallcross quipped, as quoted on the wikies) was "tough, metallic tracks...with harsh, discordant synth lines that sounded like distressed Hoovers?" If you're having a hard time trying to recreate the sound from that description, try this.

This is Belgium Part Two: Cherry Moon On Valium has discovered a cheap and effective way to breathe new life into those old 12 inches: just slow them down to 115bpm, and voila (gesluierd): the intervening decades telescope down to nothing in an eyeblink.

Even though these Belgian records sound very "now", they are actually 20 years old and were meant to be played at a much, much faster speed. At the time this was the devil's music for us, but we have learned to listen through the claps and distorted kicks and discovered that if you slow these really dark and heavy techno records down all the way to about 115 bpm, it suddenly makes them sound less frantic, ballsier and a lot sexier. Belgium at its best when pitched down.

The covers of these records are quite generic and don't really lend themselves to animating , so we figured we would bring you the visual aspect of this musical genre that you can't not be fascinated by: the dance. We were very lucky to have found some people who can still do the typical moves, and with them dancing in front of the record sleeves (and sometimes inside of them) we bring you our ultimate tribute to a glorious period in our Belgian musical heritage.

This is Belgium Part Two: Cherry Moon On Valium

(via JWZ)

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  1. Skinheads in tracksuits, gotta love em. Hardcore still lives.

  2. The tracksuits! Oh that made me laugh. Now I sort of want to write some alternate universe fanfiction for something where everyone has terrible tracksuits.

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