Cthulhu Christmas ornament

Jason McKittrick writes, "A Cthulhu Christmas ornament for those who wish to celebrate the solstice in a more eldritch fashion! This cyclopean adornment depicts Great Cthulhu squeezing his massive tentacled form through the hieroglyphic covered door of his ancient stone tomb in R'lyeh and will add the necessary touch of madness to your holiday tree. Each Cthulhu Yuletide Ornament is hand cast in solid resin and comes ready to hang with a black satin ribbon. Signed and numbered by artist Jason McKittrick."

Cthulhu Yuletide Ornament (Thanks, Jason!)

Notable Replies

  1. edgore says:

    In his house at the North Pole, dead Santa waits dreaming

  2. I've heard that if you draw a straight line through the earth's center, with one end at Santa's workshop, the other end would lie in an entirely uncharted region beyond the mountains of madness. True facts.

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