Glitch, much-missed MMO, released to public domain

Glitch was a wonderful work of art, but a troubled game, and its death was lamented by many. All the game's artwork and code, however, now enters the public domain--as good an outcome as could be hoped-for. How about a story-led, single-player reboot, eh?

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  1. cheem says:

    One of the problems with Glitch is that it was very intimately saddled to Flash as a platform for the purposes of gameplay. There was a rich UI for tying in external sites and managing inventory/stats, but trying to get a Javascript/HTML5 version of the actual game would have been a Herculean task, especially back when the game was a going concern.

  2. Some of this art was already CC licensed so I've been working on a single-player browser game Glitch spin-off for a few months now. If you miss Glitch you can also play on my Cubimal Racetrack or just pet a piggy in the right hand column of my blog:

  3. Glitch's closure was the best-handled ending to anything online I had ever seen. I'm sure you could count the number of users who left angry, as opposed to sad, on a single hand.

  4. eflask says:


    nearly a year gone, and i miss it every day.

    sometimes i find myself humming a tune only to realize it is the groddle banjo theme.

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