If history were a movie, what would be the most egregious plot holes?

Hate that smarmy, too-good-to-be-real Christmas episode of World War I? Annoyed by the lazy montage scene that took us from the first airplane to the Moon in just 66 years? Think "rocks fall, all the dinosaurs die" was just a total cop-out? Here's a fun Reddit thread you will appreciate, pointed out to me by Karen James.

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  1. IMB says:

    That a quintessential villain, an evil penguin vice president, was actually running the country to make money for a syndicate of heartless wealthy business owners whose goal is to rule the world. It's too cartoonish to be true, (and yet it is).

  2. That time when a presidential assassin, who was in police custody, was shot to death by some goofball on live television -- who's gonna believe that silliness?

  3. Using Deus Ex Machina to solve everything.

  4. dacree says:

    It never made sense to me that in 2013 the most powerful and advanced nation in the world is largely populated by people who believe in three thousand year old fairy tales told by iron age middle eastern sheep herders.

    Who would buy that? It's just too improbable.

  5. Princess Leia and I never marrying.

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