Jet Capsule futuristic yacht pod

The Jet Capsule 0001 Livello 22

This is the Jet Capsule, currently in use as an escape pod on the Boing Boing luxury liner currently adrift somewhere in the Arctic Ocean. The Jet Capsule holds eight people and can be customized with many of the luxury amenities one might expect from a full-size yacht, from fine wood flooring to bathrooms and kitchens to interior projection systems and LED mood lighting. There is even an "armored capsule" configuration featuring a reinforced steel shell and bulletproof glass. Base price for a Jet Capsule is $250,000. Jet Capsule

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  1. Just the thing for James Bond to steal while escaping from the villain's secret floating HQ.

  2. If you zoom in on the pic and enhance:

  3. Glitch says:

    I'd rather have an escape boat that actually looks, ya know, at all seaworthy - one that could withstand the sorts of large swells you'd face in the open ocean if it came on to a blow, especially if you ever ended up in the more extreme lattitudes.

    But hey! If rich people want to prioritize luxury amenities over survivability in the case of a shipwreck, who are we to question? Let the buggers enjoy their over-the-top "comforts" all the way to the bottom, I guess.

  4. jlw says:

    No, you must refer to Rob as Admiral.

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