Mother fined $10 for not including Ritz crackers in kids' school lunch

Manitoba Government's Early Learning and Child Care fined mother Kristen Bartkiw $10 because she neglected to include healthful Ritz crackers in her kids' school lunches. Weighty Matters has more details:

She sent her children to daycare with with lunches containing leftover homemade roast beef and potatoes, carrots, an orange and some milk.

She did not send along any "grains".

As a consequence the school provided her children with, I kid you not, supplemental Ritz Crackers, and her with a $10 fine.

Parents fined for not including Ritz crackers in kids' school lunch

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  1. I don't think my parents could have afforded my vegetarian diet given that meat is also a requirement.

    What an odd system.

  2. xzzy says:

    I'd send the school an invoice for messing up what was otherwise a reasonably balanced lunch.

    I mean, if the school wants to be a bunch of pedantic pricks, the parent could out-pedantic them by claiming adding those crackers disturbed the child's macro splits for the day, requiring them to spend extra time at the gym to burn off the surplus calories. This takes time away from doing homework which causes grades to suffer, resulting in lost future income.

    So ten million dollars seems like a fair figure.

  3. You're all missing the real crime here.

    That typeface. On an official note that's supposed to be taken seriously.

  4. snig says:

    Liberals would give the kid the food they thought was missing. The ideology you're looking for is "asshole".

  5. As a vegan with celiac disease I find this kind of offensive.

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