NSA net-security sabotage means the end of US Internet "stewardship"

Speaking at a presentation in DC, Bruce Schneier nailed the strategic cost of allowing the NSA to sabotage Internet security through BULLRUN: it has cost the US government all credibility as a contributor to Internet governance. The total depraved indifference to everyday Internet users displayed in the sabotage program means that the era of the US being seen as the best steward for the health and integrity of the net has come to a close.

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  1. Unfortunately, every other country that talks about wanting to get "Internet Governance" out of the US's hands is doing so because they want to censor their own citizens' communications, and having unrestricted cross-border communications (typically to US servers) interferes with this. It's not like the US doesn't also censor communications that are legal in other countries (particularly taking down gambling sites), but they don't do it as much as China, or even France.

    A separate governance-like issue has been support for non-ASCII domain names, and unfortunately we ended up with ICANN pushing us into the technically appalling punycode approach, as opposed to modifying the DNS standards to support UTF-8 with something appropriate done about uppercase-vs-lowercase letters.

  2. Its actually really sad, and we weren't the stewards, as much as the country who did it first. We just didn't give anyone a compelling reason to question our motives, or go their own way... with a few annoying exceptions. So we created the standards that others just followed, more or less. Look up RFCs. Thats how the internet was born.

    Now with very compelling reasons comes the potential for new standards, and the obvious need for nation states to regulate their traffic with firewalls, etc... and... oh fuck you NSA. Fuck you.

  3. Iceland?

  4. Wow that didn't take long... and there is the first USian telling us that the US is the superior defender of liberty and freedom ("We're better than ...).

    That you still have the gall to claim that the US's unparalled mass surveillance of all internet traffic (not only it's own citizens traffic), totalitarian star-chamber-like approach to legislation (secret laws and courts!) is somehow comparable to France's ban on hate speech (an approach most other western democratic share) is at best delusional. Get of your high horse and look what's happening right now in the US. Mass surveillance on this scale IS definitely a higher threat to free speech than e.g. banning antisemitic hate speech on twitter.

  5. No, NOT every other country. This kind of attitude is exactly WHY other countries are sick of Americans. You don't have a monopoly on freedom, and never have, and if you still believe you do even after all this stuff has come out then there really isn't any hope for you.

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