Tactical guide to male urination

PeeLast week, I snapped a photo of this excellent sign in the children's restroom at San Francisco's Brightworks/Tinkering School. (Click to see it larger!) Combine those instructions with the above video that Maggie previously posted from Brigham Young University's Splash Lab, "Urinal Dynamics: a tactical guide," and I'll be a master pisser in no time!

Notable Replies

  1. The whole flaw here is that it discusses urination from a stationary position. The optimal way to avoid splashback is to only urinate while walking backwards.

  2. Sitzpinklers unite! I find it far more convenient and cleaner to just sit down.

  3. just sit down. no splash. no mess. less to clean up. just because we, men, can stand up to pee doesn't mean we have to.

  4. Are you 100% certain those cups are meant for that purpose? I find myself suddenly anxious to know where your mother-in-law keeps her dentures at night.

  5. Oh, make no mistake: we'll aim at 'em. Hearken to the wisdom of Brother George:

    Targets of opportunity!

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