Investigators: Egyptian statue not cursed

A 3,800 year-old stone figure with a creepy propensity to move around slowly has disappointed investigators at Manchester Museum. It was merely vibrations causing the convex-based relic to spin, not an entertaining curse. [BBC]

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  1. Thank you, Messrs Obvious and Indubitable.

  2. In the old days of washing-machine sized disk drives in the seventies, mainframe computer operators would sometimes be tormented by prankster programmers who would set up a rapid series of disk drive head seeks that would make the disk drive vibrate so much that it would walk across the floor.

  3. mikea says:

    That's just what "THEY" want you to believe.

    The tragedy is that the not one of the 1000s of TV news shows that had the original video will report the explanation. The Beeb should have made another viral YouTube video.

  4. IMB says:

    The vibrations were caused by a curse?

  5. Or maybe convex bases are a curse, considering the Incredible Jimmy Brain no-spill coffee mug.

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