Eminem as Max Headroom

Eminem plays Max Headroom in the forthcoming video for his track "Rap God" from the new record "Marshall Mathers LP2." Here's the teaser for the music video which is likely all we need of it. (Thanks, Gil Kaufman!)

Notable Replies

  1. This actually makes me miss Matt Frewer as Max Headroom.

  2. I wonder if any Eminem fans have actually seen an episode of Max Headroom?

    I also miss Blank Reg.

  3. In [Rolling Stone][1] this month they write, "Eminem has performed with and befriended Elton John, endorsed gay marriage and repeatedly told interviewers that he doesn't actually have any problem with gay people." I don't think "unabashed homophobe" is quite the right expression.

  4. I LIKE it!

    and yes, I am an Eminem fan, who used to watch Max Headroom smile

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