Kingdom Rush Frontiers: the best tower defense game now free to play on Web

If you listen to Boing Boing's Apps for Kids podcast, you know that Jane and I love the iOS app, Kingdom Rush, and its follow-up title, Kingdom Rush Frontiers (They are on Android, too!). The object of these tower defense games is to wisely use your treasure to build different kinds of defense towers and to deploy troops to stop oncoming waves of monstrous invaders. The excellent cartoony graphics and elements of humor add enhance this addictive resource-management challenge.

Today, Armor Games announced that Kingdom Rush Frontiers is free to play on its website. From the press release: "The Kingdom Rush Frontiers Flash version features 15 stages set across three unique terrains, with three epic Boss Fights, over 40 enemy types, nine heroes including six that are unlockable through gameplay and plenty of fun Easter Eggs throughout."

Kingdom Rush Frontiers: the best tower defense game now free to play on Web

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  1. jjsaul says:

    Does the "stargate" at the bottom of the second map do anything but light up when you click it?

  2. oblio says:

    I thought the sequel was a HUGE let down. The game play was terribly unbalanced. One level would be excruciatingly difficult and the next would be a breeze. And the units were not as fun as in the original. I played through it then deleted it so I wouldn't play it again. I reinstalled the original and keep playing that over and over. I found it a much bigger disappointment than PvZ2. And comparing notes with another fan here at work, he agrees. Try the web version before paying cash for the iOS version.

  3. cloudy says:

    I have to disagree-- I just played through without paying, and beat the final boss. Didn't really get hung up anywhere.

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