Science show on consciousness, with Alan Moore

BBC Radio 4 has kicked off a new season of the amazing science show The Infinite Monkey Cage, and the second episode of the series is a wonderful panel discussion on consciousness called Through the Doors of Perception. This episode is greatly enhanced by the presence of Alan Moore, creator of Watchmen, Lost Girls, From Hell, and many other standout comics. Moore's contributions on the relationship of art and magic to consciousness are the most interesting parts of the show -- though the whole thing is fascinating (Download the MP3).

(Image: Alan Moore, a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (2.0) image from mbiddulph's photostream)

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  1. rider says:

    You say enhanced I saw made laughable by the insane babbling of writer with an overblown ego and a tendency of pulling facts and theories out of his ass.

  2. I want a show on consciousness, with Daniel Dennett.

  3. C'mon, give it a break -- it does quite well for a human/yeti hybrid...

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