Photos of "the world's most exquisite libraries"

Here's a gallery of photos from the amazing new book The Library: A World History by James W. P. Campbell and Will Pryce, published in October. It's the first comprehensive history of library buildings through the ages by Cambridge University's James Campbell, and its centrepiece are the magnificent photos by Will Pryce.

The Library: A World History

Shhh! Take a peek at the world's most exquisite libraries [CNN]

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  1. i love libraries and those are just amazing

  2. In a digitized world there should be no rare DATA. Specific instantiations of the data can, and will, sometimes be rare. And that's not just a reasonable thing, but a good thing.

  3. Can anybody say what the content of one of these books is likely to be, chosen at random?

  4. I'm very aware of that. "In the US, a hundred years is a long time. In the UK, a hundred miles is a long distance."

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