2600's 30th anniversary tees

Emmanuel from 2600 Magazine sez, "2600 is turning 30 and, to help celebrate, has put out two new t-shirts simultaneously. The first focuses on what has changed over three decades in publishing, with images of a floppy disk, a CD, and a flash drive on the front and 30 headlines - one from each of the hacker magazine's 30 years - displayed on the back. The second shirt focuses squarely on the NSA, with an iconic picture of their headquarters on the front that got 2600 staffers detained immediately after they took it. The red stamp over the top of the picture represents what could be the popular view on what NSA should really stand for: No Such Authority. On the back is part of a leaked NSA document concerning PRISM, along with a call to arms (or, in this case, stronger crypto). Finally, to help celebrate the 30th anniversary, the 2600.XXX domain is now in operation."