This Day in Blogging History: Learn hiragana in one hour; Folding 1960s scooter; Stephen King on piracy

One year ago today
How to learn hiragana in one hour or less: Dr. Moku's Hiragana Mnemonics presents each character as an appealing and memorable cartoon - a rabbit eyeing a carrot, a dude with food, a farting cow.

Five years ago today
Folding scooter from the 1960s: I have been looking for a Lombard Industries Centaur folding motor scooter for about ten years.

Ten years ago today
Stephen King: forget piracy, boomers are just tired of buying crap: I think we're seeing an entire generation -- my generation, the baby-boom generation -- turning off the lights upstairs and putting a sign on the door: SORRY, BUT I'M TAKING A NAP. MIND CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.