Optical illusion of the day

Cover the middle seam with your finger, marvel as the contrast effect changes EVERYTHING. Jason Kottke thinks the creator is a witch. When I showed it to my daughter, she said, "Well, your finger is covering up the light that's making it brighter," which is true in a weird sorta way.

Freaky optical illusion

Notable Replies

  1. If you stare at a checker board long enough you start to see a fish..........

    ....... Keep looking.........

  2. Don't get it. With my finger across the middle it looks exactly the same except now my finger's in the middle. What's supposed to change?

  3. I don't see it either. Top looks darker. Cover seam, and top still looks darker. I feel like this illusion is just being presented wrong because the real surprise is that the solid bits away from the gradients are actually the same shade of gray.

    I like the checkerboard setup a lot more.

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