Lessons from Glitch

It's the one-year anniversary of the shuttering of Glitch, the lovely, sweetly fun game created by Tiny Speck. On the anniversary, Janice has written a fine remembrance for the game, which was quite unlike anything else.

What do we expect from games? Amusement, sure, escape. But I had the sensation that Glitch was making me into a slightly better version of myself. Real-life useful traits like generosity, patience, and playfulness were rewarded in the game. Playing the game always felt like winning, which was a refreshing sensation; many games are designed around making the player feel rushed, either in trying to beat the clock or another player. In other games, we fail repeatedly in a completing task, dying but earning endless do-overs. Again, Glitch was different; dying was possible, but it took concerted effort and purposeful neglect to make your character experience death.

After the game closed, we searched around for a few months, looking for “the new Glitch”, but we didn’t find it. We grieved and moved on.

Recently the ultra-cool folks at TinySpeck, the company that created Glitch, released many of the digital assets of the game to the Public Domain. We were also a HUGE fans of the music, some of which is also available now. The distinct images and sounds that created that world are a trigger for a lot of memories, which prompted me to reflect on half a dozen life lessons I learned from playing Glitch.

Life Lessons from Glitch the Game (Thanks, Janice)

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  1. A lot of Glitchens are now roaming in Manyland (Cory covered it a while ago ♥), and even built areas with many items from Glitch. Albeit Manyland is not like Glitch, anyone looking for a warmhearted community in an open universe is dearly invited to join us!

  2. I made a winterly scene with some of the assets from glitch in unity.if anyone would like to see it.

  3. Boing Boing introduced me to it, in late 2011. I wasted an absurd amount of time during the year I played Glitch. It was the first online game I've gotten hooked with since lpmuds in the early 90s. 2012 was the Year of Glitch, for me. Still, I'm half-glad it's gone--in 2013 I got back to my music, took up the lute, and used my free time to typeset a crapton of 16c music from facsimiles.

    My avatar: Mr Shrimpy Pants http://www.glitchthegame.com/profiles/PUVD97B1B9G29L6/

  4. Bobo says:

    Now I've got the feels frowning

    Glitch was a nice escape after a P.I.T.A. day at work. A kinder gentler, and less commercial Disneyland-esque place.

    Sad that it's gone.

    Here's my avatar (looks much cooler than I do): http://www.glitchthegame.com/profiles/PUVKGTF6GK932KM/

  5. eflask says:

    the anniversary is not lost on me.

    sometimes i find a piece of the soundtrack in my head and i cry a little.

    i miss it.

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