Oh my God a hawk just ripped up a pigeon right in front of me and totally just sat there eating it

[Video Link] Heather's breakfast, Saturday, was eaten in the company of an unexpected visitor. Below, a 45-second time lapse version of the full 15-minute feast, to Moment Music's remix of Ravel's Bolero (download).

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  1. I am disappointed this does not include the initial kill.

  2. Very nice! That's a juvenile female Cooper's Hawk. Such impressive little neighborhood predators, they're definitely among my favorite birds.

  3. Crows are at least smart. Pigeons have the IQ of flying bricks and about as welcome as well.

  4. As cool as this was I'm sorry everyone's so down on the pigeons. I have two wonderful pigeon experiences. In Trafalgar Square I bought one of those 10p cups of birdseed and had a great time feeding pigeons for all of the thirty seconds it lasted. Taking the cup back to the stand a pigeon landed on my arm. It looked at the cup, then at me. I know I'm anthropomorphizing but it seemed to be so clearly saying, "Please sir, can I have a bit?" that I bought another cup.

    And then in the Underground station I saw a couple of pigeons walking off a train.

    I'd probably have a greater dislike of them if I lived in an area infested with pigeons, but I can't even bring myself to hate starlings.

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