2 days left to sign petition to overturn America's broad, far-reaching electronic spying law

Mark sez, "In the midst of the NSA uproar, many have overlooked the fact that there is an outdated law on the books that says hundreds of government entities -- including the IRS, FBI, and local law enforcement agencies -- can access Americans' digital communications without a warrant. That law is the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), and reforming it is critical to data privacy.

Right now, there is a petition calling on the the White House to support ECPA reform that has been signed by nearly 67k people. The petition has been backed by groups like EFF, ACLU, Google, and Facebook. We have two days left to reach 100k signatures to get a public response from the White House - please support ECPA reform and digital privacy by signing and sharing the petition today.

ECPA Petition: Four Steps for the Fourth Amendment! (Thanks, Mark!)