Pee-Wee Herman talks about the remastered Christmas Special and Playhouse episodes

Kembrew writes, "I saw your post in Boing Boing today about Pee-Wee, and coincidentally, I just published a piece on Pee-wee's Christmas Special. I think it's the first time Paul Reubens has been interviewed about the upcoming remastered Pee-wee's Playhouse DVDs that will come out next year."

I previously invoked the term “eye-popping” to describe Pee-wee’s Playhouse, but starting next year, viewers will run the risk of having their eyeballs permanently dislodged from their sockets. “The Christmas Special is going to come out, along with the entire Playhouse series, on Blu-ray,” Reubens tells me. “It’s being remastered now.”

“The show was never seen on film,” he says. “The show was shot on film and transferred to tape and edited on tape, and all the effects were done on tape. Then the entire show was put on another tape to broadcast, so there are three or four generations of quality that are lost on every episode. So we went back to the original film elements, and the company I’m working with has recreated every edit in every single show, and recreated all the effects from all the original elements—which we were lucky to have kept.”

“It looks unbelievable. It’s so extreme, people are going to freak out when they see it,” Reubens adds. “The detail and clarity and color is amazing.” This means that Gary Panter’s set design, the stop motion animation and other details will come alive in psychedelic high definition. It’s the kids show equivalent of being upgraded from cough syrup to mescaline.

Pee-wee’s (remastered) Christmas Adventure: An interview with Paul Reubens [Kembrew McLeod/Little Village]

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  1. It’s the kids show equivalent of being upgraded from cough syrup to mescaline.

    I already owned the DVDs, but I guess sign me the hell up for some of that sweet action then.

  2. Now I'm trying to imagine Paul Reubens blowing up over something going wrong on the set. I have no doubt he was feeling the pressure, and that situation can't be fun to work under, but the image of Pee Wee going all David O. Russell... now that's an image.

  3. Wow, that photo. I'd click it, but I know better than to follow something that looks so much like goatse...

  4. Back when shows understood what kids wanted to watch:

  5. Ratel says:

    God, if someone could do this for David Attenborough's repertoire. "The Life of Birds" was clearly just bunged over from an old VHS onto DVD. Shameful. And I wont even get into "The Hidden Life of Plants" not being available for US players.

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