Bike light with laser cannon creates a glowing, personal bike-lane

ThinkGeek's $25 Blazing Skull Bicycle Tail Light has a pair of "laser cannon" that draw six-foot lines of red light on either side of your bike, creating "your own glowing bike lane."

Blazing Skull Bicycle Tail Light With Laser Cannon Lane Markers

Notable Replies

  1. Brunel says:

    Those lanes are far too narrow! You're inviting motorists to pass too close for safety: the Highway Code requires you give at least as much room when passing a cyclist as you would a car.

  2. Way, way too narrow.

    Cycling invites crapware. It's a GREAT piece of crapware.

  3. My jigsaw came with a laser cannon. All I wanted to do was cut some wood, now I'm part of some futuristic cyborg army.

  4. Will this so-called "laser cannon" vaporize cars that crowd me? Because that right there would be the killer app for bike commuting, literally.

  5. I'd much prefer an EMP cannon that fries the circuits of any vehicles that treat my life and well-being as an incidental issue. But I think that might not help with the whole 'bikers are people too' PR that needs to happen.

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