The benefits of owning a sailboat (with footnotes)

While perusing the Practical Sailor website, my husband came across this advertisement selling a 27-foot sailboat for $5000 (or best offer):

What does captian kurt [sic], popeye, captain hook and tommy lee have in common? They are all bad ass people. Why? Because they were all in command of ships. You should be in command of a ship. You should buy my boat. I can offer you the opportunity to be in command of this Catalina 27 sailing ship for about the cost of a lot of the stupid stuff you bought, buy or are thinking about buying.

...I understand you have many options on how to spend your free time. How you choose to recreate says a lot about a human being. What I am offering you is the open Pacific Ocean, fishing, going to islands, breathing salty air at sea, breathing atomic four gas powered exhaust fumes, drinking rum, drinking whiskey, drinking cheap beer, drinking expensive beer, drinking the dead sea monkeys floating in the drink that your friend backwashed, spear fishing anything that moves, endless supply of gold colored fish to make into tacos, trapping crabs, getting crabs, free membership to hbyc, a money pit, a fist pumping teeth grinding laser eating dance platform, a new kitchen, a boom that might hit you in the head, a $270 slip fee, the ability to t-bone a stand up paddle boarder, the ability to bbq a t-bone steak, the ability to bone in the v-birth, the chance to see whales, the improved chance to bring a whale out of najas and tying knots. These are fine things. These are gentlemanly things. They certainly beat sitting in car traffic towing your sand rail or three wheeler past a bunch of meth labs to glamis or driving a boat in circles in the std filled cess pool commonly referred to as "the river" or any other so called lake. Does a real man or woman want to recreate in a standing pool of "fresh water" or in a hot desert with a bunch of drunk yahoos with engines strapped to their backs?

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  1. Christmas is coming up, and I did get you that nice stand mixer...
    ...just saying.
    Mr. Koerth-Baker

  2. cdinvb says:

    Odd essay out there by Robert Pirsig of "Zen And The Art ..," It's "Cruising Blues and Their Cure," (Esquire in 1977) and it Googles readily. I have thought about this when a boat has seemed like a good idea. I suspect that some aspects of boat ownership have changed. However my daily bicycle road work in Florida takes me past storage yards full of boats gently wasting away. And I wonder what expectations were not met, or what expenses turned out to be unmanageable, leading the owner to walk away.

  3. Plus, if you have major engine problems or run out of gas in an airplane you don't have to worry about how you'll make it back to dry land.

    *EDIT to add: unless you're flying over a large body of water, but even then you probably won't have to worry for very long.

  4. Plus, if you have major engine problems or run out of gas in an airplane you don't have to worry about how you'll make it back to dry land.

    I have to say, I would MUCH rather have major engine trouble or run out of gas on a sailboat. Given that they are, you know, designed to operate without an engine/gasoline.

  5. I like the cut of Mr. Koerth-Baker's jib. You should probably buy him a boat.

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