Global Sriracha shortage threatens all life on earth, tastiness of all of the foods

A magnificent shoop by "You have to carry the fire." Source: Dimension Films; Huy Fong Foods.

Andrea Nguyen writes about how a recent battle in Southern California over smelly fumes from the Huy Fong Sriracha plant has led to a worldwide shortage of the beloved "cock sauce." It even has its own hashtag: #Srirachapocalypse. Her post offers a revealing look into the food biz, and includes some tasty alternatives to get you through the red sauce drought. For those following the foodie drama, "The outflow of details on the company, hot sauce industry, and immigrant business entrepreneurship is fascinating." [Via Pim Té]

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  1. As someone who really likes Heinz ketchup made with liquid sugar in the soon to close Leamington, Ontario plant, I feel your feels Sriracha lovers.

  2. There’s nothing harmful about the sauce, reported the LA Times, but California State health inspectors want to hold the bottles for 30 days to ensure that no bad bacteria is present.

    Gee, thanks for keeping me safe from Sriracha, California. This isn't high risk stuff and you're holding it to higher standards than you do meat?

  3. teapot says:

    By the way, no one care about this but Americans. Just sayin'

  4. This is America. We deal in shit-tons. Shit-tonnes are a European thing.

  5. Boy, are you on the wrong blog.

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