Project for Awesome fundraising video about EFF

Jason writes, "Every year the YouTube community gets together for the Project for Awesome. A 48 hours event to raise money for all of our favourite charities by making, watching, commenting on and sharing videos about charities. This year, I've decided to support the Electronic Frontier Foundation in my contribution to the project."

The EFF works to promote free and open internet, freedom of speech, privacy for individuals and transparency in governments. Based on the essential information released by Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Wikileaks we know that the US government has been spying on Americans and non-Americans alike for years. The EFF is currently waging multiple court battles challenging the constitutionality of these unwarranted spying programs. They need our help and support to keep the government accountable for their actions.

Project For Awesome 2013 | The Electronic Frontier Foundation | jalestro (Thanks, Jason!)