Northampton Clown sparks nationwide plague of copycat horror-clowns

The Northampton Clown -- AKA Alex Powell -- made headlines for a series of creepy selfies taken around the English city of Northampton. Now, his notoriety has sparked a nationwide trend of copycat clown-pranksters who make mischief such as rapping on peoples' windows while brandishing weapons. England's clowns are furious.

Eldridge, whose clown name is Bluebottle, said: "This is doing clowning no favours and is harming society.

"The people behind it might see it as a bit of a laugh, but for the victims it can be a horrible experience.

"The fear of clowns – coulrophobia – is a real thing and some people will react very badly to this. Not to mention people who are elderly or vulnerable.

"This has nothing to do with clowning, it's a small group of people with stupid views and it spoils the fun for everybody else."

UK's concerned clowns call for end to copycat crime wave [Press Association/The Guardian] (Thanks, Alice!)

Notable Replies

  1. Clowns are furious?

    God help us!

  2. The solution is easy. Just shove them out the nearest airlock.

    No one will get that reference.

  3. KurtC says:

    This is no laughing matter!

  4. Brandishing weapons and chasing people aren't cool. The dressing up part sounds like good clean fun to me. A clown in unexpected places is kind of neato. A little weird, a little cool, a little spooky, just to break up the monotony and add a little WTF? to people's day.

  5. If you start knocking on people's windows at night like these guys are, in the U.S. you're far more likely to take a bullet to the head though...

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