New photos of Mount St. Helens discovered

Newspaper photographer Reid Blackburn died in the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980. This year, reporters at his paper — the Vancouver, Washington, Columbian — discovered a never-before-seen roll of photos he took flying over the volcano about a month before his death.

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  1. "New photos of Mount St. Helens discovered, but you don't get to see any of them."


  2. xzzy says:

    On the other hand, no images in Chrome for me, but it works fine in Safari.

    Summary: their website is dumb and the admin for the website should feel bad for being dumb.

  3. Yes, he should.
    Firefox: page starts to load, then turns completely blank.
    Opera: no problem.
    What is this?

    On the other hand, this story says a lot for photographic film as a storage medium - try getting anything from a 30 year old hard drive or floppy disc that's been sitting on a shelve.

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